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(The images of the CLUBpos software may be enlarged by clicking in the thumbnail. Click on the enlarged picture again to view them in a full screen for a clear picture)

Most sports centers consider the turnstile to be the last item that may be added at a later date. From our experience, it is really the starting point for the software so it should also be the starting point for consideration and planning.

CLUBpos can be optioned to control turnstiles, etc. 

  Access control is the governing factor that has made CLUBpos a comprehensive integrated product. Once you attempt to control access the system must be able to sell/provide all the different types of services to your customers both current and in the future without running back to a programmer each time you wish to change the configuration of your products and/or facilities.

  We offer a simple interface for turnstiles being that of a PC with a relay controller board which interfaces to the turnstile’s relays. The cost of a PC today is less than most turnstile companies charge for an “intelligent controller” board for their products.

Now that we have a PC we have a monitor available to use for information to your customers that is more functional than an LED display and can perform more functions. We need to interface an identification reader of your choice to the PC and you have an extremely intelligent access unit.

CLUBpos currently operates with Pin No’s, Smart cards, Bar Code and Magnetic Strip Wedge readers. As electronic engineers as well as software programmers, we are also able to interface new technologies to CLUBpos by consultation.

Our Access Control software provides many centrally controlled functions. Scrolling marketing images, (optional video and audio) on turnstile controller monitors provide information to your customers in an interesting format whilst they visit your centre. This has been used successfully to promote specials, new programs, important notices etc. The monitors are also used during the identification of a customer to advise them of any messages, requests to contact reception, expiry details on membership, multiple visit passes, classes, overdue loaned equipment, birthday greetings etc.

The controllers may be centrally placed into a free wheeling mode for large crowds, locked to stop all access, admit one type entry, and updating marketing information. An access point may be selected so each entry through will cause the photo file to be displayed on a remote Point of Sale system to monitor who is using your customer identification. Photo files are also displayed on entry by a customer creating a strong physiological barrier to use somebody else’s identification.

The other purpose the access controller performs is to control and count the access into your centre. CLUBpos maintains records of entry and analysis of use by customers, products, times, etc. CLUBpos controls access through turnstiles to a level whereby you are able to create flexible products that interact with timetables and class schedules. For example it is possible to sell a customer a multiple visit pass of your choice or for a set term enabling the customer to attend any class they wish in a timetable, but only during those hours. This may be aerobics for example where by you specify to allow entry 10 minutes before a class commences and to stop entry 10 minutes after commencement to minimize interruptions. Any that enter during these time may re-enter as often as they wish until the end of the class and only have 1 credit deducted yet late comers are politely advised they are too late.

Optionally CLUBpos can integrate all aspects into an access controller including Memberships, Multiple Visit Passes, Variable Term Passes, Club Membership, Casual Bookings for facilities, structured classes with a recorded list of participants, and casual entry.  




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