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(The images of the CLUBpos software may be enlarged by clicking in the thumbnail. Click on the enlarged picture again to view them in a full screen for a clear picture)

  CLUBpos offers full membership control with one main difference - Customer may have as many memberships as they theoretically wish. Each membership may have individual terms and expiry periods or all preset to the end of the year. Memberships may be off-peak or peak for controlling access to your centre at the correct hours.  

Customers may be grouped together in the form of a family or company/team and either join/renew members as a group and automatically update all members as a group with a single transaction or offer discounts for being a member of a group.

 With multiple memberships a customer is able to participate in a group membership i.e. paid for by the company/team yet have other individual memberships that the customers would pay for themselves.

Reminder letters will be sent to the company for one membership and to the member for others. The system eliminates multiple mailings for the same family etc.  

  Membership analysis graphically on screen and to printer provides a simple method for management to monitor joining, renewals, expiry and cancellation. Sales may be aligned to staff to track performance and commission based selling. Memberships have suspension operation to allow member to extend memberships due to illness / holidays.

  Each product or activity on the system i.e. classes. bookings etc has a retail price and 6 optional prices. You may link a particular price to a membership enabling different pricing for different memberships, which are current. A member with multiple memberships will receive the best pricing his memberships offer as long as they are current.



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