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CLUBpos offers a Point of Sale system based on Touch Screen technology. We recommend using a Touch Screen mounted into a bench on a slight angle far out performs special programmable keyboards.  Although equally usable with a mous our system has larger buttons than normal windows protocol buttons desig

Selling products is by a simple touch of a button on the Point of Sale screen (or scanning a barcode on a product ) and with 120s and pages CLUBpos makes it easy to locate and construct a sale. Multiple templates for the product buttons may be created enabling you to customize each terminal to have the required products clearly visible. This way a kiosk system may have different buttons to a swim school system. Different templates may also be used for different times of the day. By editing the templates you are able to control which products are available and when to your sale staff.

Point of Sale buttons link to the type of product requested. A class button will POINT OF SALE SCREEN.jpg (177225 bytes)open the classes system, a venue button the booking system, and so on. A sale may be made up of multiple items of differing types. For example a sale may contain a booking for a facility, an entry into a series of classes, and some general products. Whenever a sale is completed you are returned to the point of sale page to commence the next sale.

A clear view is available of the makeup of the sale allowing editing, removing line items and voiding. A secure Pos shift counting of money routine and accompanying reports are standard. Each transaction may be paid with up to 3 different methods and recorded i.e. part Cash, part Cheque, part Eftpos. Eftpos cash out may be tracked if you wish to offer this option.

 Each product may be coded and sold via a Bar Code, PLU Code, Pos Button on screen or manual inquiry by product code. If a customer scans their ID card or you manually enter their ID number  a registration system is presented to record their attendance. ( Modules  are also provided for unattended registration system and turnstiles). The point of sale screen has an option where when a POS is idle as each customer registers on another computer or via a turnstile their details will appear on the point of sale screen of another computer with photo, name and outstanding details. This assists in greeting your customers and following up in person outstanding matters.

General products are theoretically unlimited and stock control is operational. An Optional Module is available to enhance the stock control system providing, Purchase Order, Order Entry, Creditor Payments etc.



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