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(The images of the CLUBpos software may be enlarged by clicking in the thumbnail. Click on the enlarged picture again to view them in a full screen for a clear picture)

Clubpos offers comprehensive reporting of the activities under taken at your facilities. Reports may be sent directly to the printer using the CLUBpos format report. As these reports are “hard programmed” they are by far the fastest way of producing a report, if not the most flexible. The report will print to the designated Report Printer which may be selected to be a different printer on each workstation or may a be a shared printer via the network.

Reports may also be sent directly to Ms Word. These reports are formatted similarly to the printer Printouts but are sent to Microsoft Word as a new document. These reports will take some additional time to format than the direct printouts above but do offer a range of flexibility. The reports generally incorporate some colour to highlight important records or you may add your own colour, highlighting, graphics etc. You have full control to edit the report and you may save the report to your local hard drive for distribution. Word offers many formats for file saving, the most important being the ability to save a document in HTML to PDF or incorporated as a Web Page on your site.  These pages may then be simply incorporated into your web site to provide up to date information to your users. 

 You may transfer the contents of the word document to a spreadsheet or many other programs. Each time a report is created a Microsoft Access database with the relevant data sorted for your use directly by other programs that are capable of using the access format databases. Use the export for mail merges, spreadsheets and more complex analysis of your own design. Reports may also be selected to print to a special File Printer for fast display of the information to the screen as PDF, Html, Bmp, etc.


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